Yoga teacher course, become a spiritual guide

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Yoga teacher course, become a spiritual guide

Yoga offers you the best way to stay physically and mentally fit. The various asanas help you delve into the realm of spirituality.

Being a yoga teacher allows you not only to practice, but also to understand the philosophy of yoga.

A yoga teacher training course offers you the opportunity to experience yogic life with healthy diet and exercise habits.

What to expect during a yoga teacher training course

Joining a school for yoga teachers can seem intimidating. It requires letting go of the old and familiar and embracing the unknown and new. You feel vulnerable, but it’s completely normal since the place is new and you’re stepping out of your comfort zone for the first time.

Rest assured, the experience is worth the time and effort. You will surely come out of this experience a new person. However, there are many things that are experienced and realized on this journey. Read on to find out what you can expect when joining a yoga teacher course.

1. Discover your inner voice

With communication through social media dominating daily life, it has become normal to speak only through messages and posts on social media. Yoga teacher training requires you to speak in front of a large group, which can be a bit overwhelming at first.

The positive side is that you have the opportunity to share your innermost emotions and feelings with like-minded people in the class.

2. You realize what really matters

Delving into the art of Yoga brings out many things in your life that are useless. You recognize which things really matter and which are there to drain energy. Training changes your perspective towards many things in life.

3. Training overwhelms you

Studying so much about yoga is not a walk in the park, as you have a lot to learn. The training of 200 yoga teachers includes the study of the chakra system, the understanding of asanas and the philosophy of yoga.

You feel a lot of pressure, don’t worry but take this training as a journey rather than as an ultimate goal of becoming a teacher. Keep working little by little and eventually, you will become a certified trainer.

4. It’s just the beginning

A solid foundation is created for you to learn and advance your knowledge of yogic practices to another level. Teachers provide full support and answer your every question.

However, before you decide to put your name among the other students in the course, you will need to do a little homework.

Tips for preparing a yoga teacher training course

As a beginner, you may feel a bit confused on how to proceed with a course. Pay attention to the tips mentioned below.

1. Take an online class before the training

The best thing about yoga teacher training is that there is no age barrier as there is a yoga teacher for every type of student. You can take an online course to gain a basic understanding of yoga and learn about how to do specific asanas without a problem.

2. Start eating quality food

Obesity has become one of the main reasons behind so many people suffering from heart problems. There is no doubt that junk and oily foods are the culprits here, offering only flavor and no health benefits.

3. Practice before joining a yoga teacher training

The best way to prepare for a yoga teacher training course is to start the individual practice of Yoga. This prepares your body for discomfort at first and guides you when to make changes as needed. Personal practice helps you to know the limits of the body and to gain control over the breath.

4. Know the accessories

A yoga class has accessories such as belts, blocks and pads, among others. Gather complete knowledge about the different props used during yoga teacher training. You can do this by trying out some of the accessories before you enroll in the teacher training course.

5. Pay attention during training

With the constant barrage of social media posts and calls from friends, it’s hard to isolate yourself from the world and focus solely on yourself. Taking care of yourself is not selfish, but an essential step in self-development, so be prepared to drop everything during practice sessions at the center. It will help you gather maximum knowledge during the course.

6. Prepare to accept change

The practice of yoga takes into account much more than doing specific poses in a daily routine. The lifestyle requires you to change from an unhealthy and hectic lifestyle to a healthy one.

Adapting to a yogic lifestyle is not for everyone. The asanas make up a considerable part of the training, but the teachers also share knowledge about yoga and its philosophy.

7. Let go of any expectations

Despite checking everything on the “Things to do before joining a yoga teacher training” list, there are still things that you would not be able to cover. No one can predict what will happen in class, or how comfortable you will feel doing a particular yoga asana. You have to set aside any expectations of the class before joining the trip.

Yoga requires a lot of patience and practice. Full control is achieved over the movements of the body and the thoughts of the mind. A yoga teacher training course helps you delve into the world of this mystical art, as well as master all the asanas with perfection