Why babies - and their parents - can benefit from yoga

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Why babies - and their parents - can benefit from yoga

The Yoga classes for Moms and Babies are indicated for that moment in which the mother can already start doing physical exercise to recover after childbirth and enjoy that moment with her baby, together creating a special union, sharing the practice of yoga knowing each other, listening to each other…

Benefits of yoga for the baby

Babies never stop moving, and many of those movements occur naturally to relieve discomfort. For example, when your baby arches her back, she may be trying to relieve gas pains. These natural movements are mimicked in yoga for babies on a preventive basis.

Here are just a few of the many potential benefits for your baby:

  • Better health – Some studies have indicated that baby yoga can help prevent future illnesses like irritable bowel syndrome. Similar studies have shown that there may be an improvement in your immune function, thus helping to prevent colds and viruses – which means less stress and more sleep for you!
  • Better sleep – Exercise helps improve the quality and quantity of sleep for people of all ages, and this is true for babies as well. If your baby is having trouble sleeping at night or is not getting the quality of sleep that she should, you should try yoga.
  • Muscle strength and development – ​​Yoga for babies is done with the help of an adult. You will manipulate the baby’s body to help him position himself in specific positions. These movements help strengthen muscles and aid in development and coordination.
  • Bonding – If you are working with your baby during yoga sessions then there will certainly be some bonding. You will need to pay attention to your baby’s cues, touching the baby to encourage the release of oxytocin and enhancing bonding, learning to create a connection between you and your baby. This may be one of the most important benefits.
  • Mental stimulation – When your baby’s body moves into various postures, they are making powerful mind-body connections. It teaches them to be aware of her body and enhances the learning process.

In this video you can see a series of yoga exercises for babies.

special considerations

Because you are working with a baby, you must take special care: The movements must be slow and smooth. Young babies need to have head and neck support, and the soft tissues need to be protected. Also, if your baby has tight joints and ligaments, you should be very careful.

Pay special attention to your child during yoga sessions. If they look uncomfortable or unhappy, release the pose. Also, yoga for babies is not designed for intense 60-90 minute sessions like it is for an adult. Fifteen minutes is a good time frame to start.

Baby yoga can provide a number of benefits for the baby and the parents. What your little one learns can accompany him all his life. Imagine you are doing yoga with your teenager! It can, and it does happen.