What is yoga for children?

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What is yoga for children?

Sometimes, adults are so wrapped up in their own busy lives that they tend to overlook or forget that children are also stressed. Whether at school, daycare or on the playground, children are not immune to pressure and anxiety . Many parents don’t know it, but there’s a growing trend for children to practice yoga, which could help them feel relaxed while developing cognitive skills and improving physical health.

Yoga for children is especially indicated for the little ones to strengthen and stretch their body, but it is also intended to teach them to be more aware of their own body, as well as to develop their concentration and relaxation.

What does it mean to do yoga with children

One important thing to keep in mind when introducing children to yoga is that they are still children. Therefore, great patience is needed to get them to do the poses. Animals to do them, if necessary, but make sure to do it gently. They may find it boring and quickly interrupt the session by looking for other things to do. Therefore it is important to make them feel fulfilled when they try a pose, whether or not it works perfectly.

The encouragement you give them will not only increase their self-confidence, but it will also make them like doing yoga, because they know it’s good for them. Also keep in mind that each child has their own ability to it. Do not compare one child with another, as it can lead to envy and upset and unhealthy competition between children.

Benefits of yoga for children

One of the things that children have difficulty controlling is their emotions. They have just started to navigate through the big world, and emotions are their main tool for expression and communication, as it is easily accessible to them. However, they still have to learn to contain their feelings, especially if they are interacting with other children. Tantrums and angry outbursts are normal when it comes to children. However, this does not mean that they should get used to resorting to these antics in order to get or say what they want. Yoga for children will help them cope with this type of emotional stress. The breathing exercises introduced in the sessions teach them how to be calm and relaxed, which can be helpful when they feel the urge to hit a playmate.

The benefits of yoga are far reaching, whether for adults or children. When applied to children, the effects on their psychological well-being can be enormous. Children will be able to develop their confidence and self-esteem, as well as learn the values ​​of trust, teamwork and self-control, among many other things . You’re never too young to get stressed, so it’s never too early to address this issue. Yoga for children helps relieve stress and improve their overall health, thus helping your child to become a more balanced and confident individual in the future.