Understand the language of yoga

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Understand the language of yoga

When you feel lost in a yoga class, it can be for two reasons: postures and language. And when we say language, we are not referring to the Sanskrit names of the asanas. Sometimes yoga teachers say things in their native language and you don’t understand anything.

As a consequence you feel lost and do not know what to do. If this situation is familiar to you, read on!

What are the most common phrases pronounced by yoga teachers that are not understood by students?

1. Find your center

Your center is your self-confidence, your safe place where you feel good just being yourself.

2. Be present

When you are prompted to be present, try to clear your mind of thoughts and worries and focus on what you are doing now, in that moment.

3. Define your goal

The meaning of this phrase is quite literal: choose an intention or goal for this session and focus on achieving it. This can be working on your flexibility, trying a new posture, or better controlling your breathing…

4. Lengthen your spine

This is a subtle adjustment that requires you to relax your shoulders, pushing them down a bit, and imagine as if your spine is growing like a tree.

5. Sit tall

Like “lengthening your spine,” “sitting tall” means lowering your shoulders and imagining as if someone is gently pulling you up by your head, so that you feel a little taller.