Training for yoga teachers (pregnancy and postpartum)

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Training for yoga teachers (pregnancy and postpartum)

If you are a yoga teacher and you have begun to feel that perhaps you lack the necessary tools to be able to accompany women who are pregnant or who have recently had their baby, you can find adequate training. In the event that you are a mother and you want to guide your work life, you can have an interesting opportunity to train as a yoga teacher specialized in pregnancy and postpartum. 

Basically, the training is structured in four modules in which what they do is provide students with a significant amount of theoretical and practical tools to be able to give yoga classes to postpartum pregnant women, as well as important emotional support for women who are living this important stage of their life. 

One point in its favor is that you can also do internships at the Mamayoga center, as well as join the job bank that this center has. 

A most interesting training

Yoga teachers often want to specialize more or have a greater number of tools when it comes to having a good job with pregnant or postpartum women. A task that you want to do, of course, safely and that is beneficial for users. 

Likewise, it can also be convenient for midwives or therapists, as well as for pregnant women who wish to be more immersed in this very special stage in their lives. 

It is an opportunity to learn more about this situation in women’s lives of great emotion, but also complexity, both physically and emotionally. 

How is it taught?

There are a total of four training modules, where students receive great theoretical/practical information. Likewise, the student has a manual to train in the most complete way that can also be used as a tool. 

Many times the theory ends up being forgotten when it is not practiced, but in this course, students are given the power to do different practices with pregnant women, mothers and babies. If we add to this the possibility of entering a job bank that the Mamayooga center has and the certificate that has the endorsement of Mamayoga and Sincronía Yoga, we have a fairly complete training.

In the event that you are interested in training, when you request more information or want to book your assistance, if you tell the staff of the center that you read this yogateca article, you can benefit from a €100 discount on the final price. 

On this page of the Yoga Center for pregnant women you can find more information, being a training activity that is very useful, not only for the present, but also for the future, because no one is unaware that yoga is becoming more and more successful among all type of audiences. The possibility of making it your profession or serving as a complement in order to specialize if you already have knowledge in yoga, makes training in this attractive practice even more attractive.