Top 5 yoga tips for beginners

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Top 5 yoga tips for beginners

If you are planning to start yoga practice for the first time , try to follow the advice of your teachers and friends who are already doing yoga. Here are some yoga tips for beginners that can be very effective.

Find a qualified and experienced teacher

For beginners, it is necessary to find a qualified and experienced teacher, who knows well how to breathe and perform all yoga postures.

You should learn through the styles and postures of a teacher instead of watching videos. Physical interaction with teachers early on builds more trust.

Be positive in your first class

You are doing yoga for the first time and no doubt your teacher will guide you over and over again to correct postures and movements. Follow the directions of your instructor and be patient and consistent in your practice.

Do not compare

You may be the only person in the class who attends their first yoga session. Others may be experienced. There is no need to compare your yoga practice to theirs as they already know how to breathe, move and bend. Learn simply by concentrating on yourself, paying attention to your breath and listening to your body. Enjoy the class and don’t worry about anything else!

Don’t overload your body

Since you are new to yoga practice, ask your teacher to advise you on simple postures without contraindications. Start with small stretches and bends that don’t affect your knees and ankles. There are few poses that are not recommended for beginners so don’t try to start your yoga practice with one of those. Keep in mind that some postures are contraindicated for certain pathologies, be careful and respect your body. Practice yoga in a healthy way, strengthening your body and mind.

healthy breathing

A very important part of yoga practice is breathing. Pay attention in each posture to inspiration and expiration. Be aware of each breath: a calm breath is a calm mind. Breathe and feel the energy!