These are the postures with which yoga improves your skin

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These are the postures with which yoga improves your skin

Although there are many options for skin care, the truth is that it suffers, for example, from the abuse of sunlight. Having other bad habits can also harm your health, making you dry or, conversely, more oily than you would expect.

As we said, there are many possibilities to take care of the skin, especially cosmetic products that can help it look radiant and without problems (you can find a wide range of such products at PacoPerfumerías ).

But apart from this, yoga can be a great help for the skin, to the extent that it reduces and combats stress, which has more than positive effects in this aspect. Let’s see which are the most beneficial yoga postures for the skin.

Easy postures to start eradicating stress

A quarter of an hour is enough to relieve both the body and the mind from the stress of everyday life. By achieving a state of more tranquility we achieve a better mood, we reduce daily fatigue and our skin looks better.

Experts recommend the following asanas or postures to get started in yoga, always preceded by a few minutes and meditation exercises.

Tadasana , the mountain pose

It is about relaxing your shoulders and joining your hands on your chest, keeping your spine straight and looking straight ahead at all times. The chest expands as you breathe properly, and the shoulders open, giving you a feeling of spaciousness. Take ten deep, slow breaths with your eyes closed, becoming aware of your body and beginning to relax.

Vrksasana , the tree pose

Through this posture, balance is sought at a fixed point from the mountain posture, and the left foot is raised to the inner part of the right thigh, making the toes point to the ground. You have to hold the posture for thirty seconds, and then change your feet. This pose improves mental and physical balance.

Virabhadrasana , the warrior pose

This is one of the most basic and famous poses. Starting from the mountain position again, the legs are separated a distance of approximately one meter. Then the heels are aligned to the right or left, the front leg is bent and the arms are stretched above the head, towards the sky. The position is held for ten seconds, and then repeated on the opposite side.

Ardha Matsyendrasana

It could be called something like “torsion” in our language. It consists of sitting with the legs stretched out and with the back straight, carrying the left leg bent over the right. The thigh of the left foot is attached to the abdomen as much as possible. You have to breathe deeply and look over your shoulder, generating movement in the spine and making the vertebrae oxygenate.

Savasana or relaxation

It is essential that every yoga session ends with the relaxation posture or savasana. You just have to lie on your back with your arms and legs apart, breathing slowly and deeply with your eyes closed.