The 10 main benefits of AeroYoga for health

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The 10 main benefits of AeroYoga for health

The pace of our personal and professional lives is frenetic. However, being always on the run often leads us to neglect what our body and mind really need
for their well-being.

In this context, it may be wise to include in our agenda an activity that requires little time, provides many benefits and allows us to go at our own pace.

AeroYoga is an artistic method of personal growth in suspension created by Rafael Martinez more than 15 years ago.

It is inspired by Natha Yoga, an ancient form of exercise and meditation that promotes
energy, toning, detoxification and anti-aging.

Discover in this article many more benefits that will motivate you to get started in this practice!:

1. AeroYoga reduces harmful inflammation caused by stress.

A class guided by a certified Aerial Yoga by AeroYoga® teacher can help us
reduce stress and its negative effects on health.
When inflammation, edema or pain are a source of problems, it is a good time to
think about practicing AeroYoga!

2. AeroYoga improves posture and promotes weight loss.

AeroYoga is a suspension Yoga method designed so that everyone can
practice it! Thanks to the work on the Yoga swing, the postures are facilitated and allow us to
exercise our body in a pleasant and different way.
By practicing it regularly, you will notice changes in your metabolism and a great improvement in your posture
as well as help control your weight.

3. AeroYoga promotes mindfulness and connects us.

AeroYoga can make us discover muscles that we didn’t even know existed!
By working on the Yoga swing (trapeze) we take the time to focus
on areas of tension and learn to be more in tune with the needs of our

4. AeroYoga can improve cardiovascular health.

AeroYoga places great emphasis on breathing. Each AeroYoga exercise is performed with a
particular breath that the teacher proposes during the class.
Sometimes we don’t even realize how shallow our breathing is, especially
when we’re anxious and stressed.
AeroYoga teaches us to breathe deeply and without fear.

5. AeroYoga improves sleep habits.

In the AeroYoga method, the body is intensely exercised. But always with
conscious breathing and with meditation exercises and deep relaxation.
In this way, if we are restless or stressed after a long day, AeroYoga is an
excellent way to release energy and put our body in a state of rest and
relaxation. This can help us sleep much better!

6.AeroYoga improves strength and flexibility.

By practicing hanging poses regularly,
you naturally develop strength and flexibility, which will help to enhance your well-being and combat pain and inflammation.

7. AeroYoga reduces stress and anxiety.

This is the great benefit of the AeroYoga® method!
We all store a large amount of stress and energy in our body that accumulates
inside us on a physical and emotional level, wreaking havoc on our health.
AeroYoga is a method that Rafael Martinez has designed to get rid of stress through
toning exercises, meditation and deep relaxation in suspension.

8. AeroYoga can improve brain function.

Healthy men in healthy body!. We all know this old phrase… Today the benefits of
stress reduction in the brain are scientifically proven.
AeroYoga, meanwhile, is a great way to reduce stress and promote a
sense of relaxation and openness to the present moment.
AeroYoga could promote brain function, improving concentration,
learning ability, motivation and alertness, avoiding dispersion and fatigue.

9. AeroYoga may increase the body’s immunity and response to illness*.

In the AeroYoga method we consider our body as something sacred, something that must be
cared for and respected.
Treating it accordingly prevents diseases and above all improves well-being.
AeroYoga could be an excellent way to improve our immunity against
diseases thanks to suspension work, which helps eliminate stress and stimulates the body
and mind. This can help strengthen the immune system.