Stressed about quarantine? Yoga and meditation to the rescue in Hendaye and Anglet

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Stressed about quarantine? Yoga and meditation to the rescue in Hendaye and Anglet

How can the lungs be taken care of to combat the coronavirus? What is the correct way to breathe? What can you do when following all the news related to the pandemic gives you a panic attack? Yoga and meditation could hold the answers in the French Basque Country.


Silencing the mental murmur is not an easy task in times of global health crisis. The uncertainty and unpredictability of the pandemic brings with it a thousand unpleasant thoughts as you contemplate the outcome of it all, and it’s important to take a break from them. That’s where yoga and meditation come into play.

It’s no secret that yoga is known to boost both mood and physical well-being. Yoga postures help relieve tension built up in the body due to stress and anxiety, while proper breathing techniques and thought control through meditation help reduce the anxiety that triggers it in the first place.

But where to practice yoga poses this summer?

Yoga is without a doubt enjoyed more and better on the beach, in full contact with nature and the sea, since thanks to its breeze and the waves that come and go, in addition to the effect of the sand that caresses the skin of your feet, it is easier to focus on what you are doing, and concentrate fully on your breath which will help strengthen your lungs.

A nearby place where this modality is booming is in the French Basque Country , which, thanks to its proximity to the peninsula, its mild climate throughout the year and its unique gastronomy, make this idyllic territory the perfect setting for the practice of this sport that does not stop attracting passionate people.

It is true that this small French region has very busy cities such as Biarritz or Saint Jean de Luz, known worldwide for its charm and charisma. We, on the other hand, offer you quieter and less renowned locations, which have as much or even more magic than those already mentioned.

Hendaye and Anglet may be the setting for your first yoga poses, or if, on the contrary, you already have experience in the world of this ancient practice, you will be able to see for yourself the added benefits of the sea and the beach.

Whether you decide to visit the famous Chambre d’Amour beach, or if you decide to enter the magnificent Deux Jumeaux beach in Hendaye , we propose four plans, in which you can fully immerse yourself in this modality.

Let yourself be splashed by the ‘ Kresala ‘ of the ocean while doing Yoga in Anglet

“Kresala” is one of those Basque words that we cannot translate literally. Roughly speaking, it means ‘saltpeter’, and has connotations that link man and the sea for the Basques.

It is about the back and forth flow that is established between the land and the sea, where everything that goes to the sea, constantly returns in the form of serenity and calm.

This serenity is what the town of Anglet offers, two to three times a week through yoga classes and sophro facing the ocean. These courses are led by qualified teachers.

There are three types of classes: classical yoga, special family yoga and sophrology (meditation).

Yoga ‘ post-confinement ‘ for families

After so much time confined and stuck inside our homes, what better than a good yoga session, to strengthen family ties!

That is why in the French-Basque town of Anglet, outdoor classes are offered with a qualified teacher for the whole family.

Families can enjoy a wellness break with yoga classes taught by a qualified teacher facing the sea.

Download all that energy that you have been accumulating during confinement and the pandemic by fully immersing yourself in a state of fullness and well-being!

Surf and yoga: the perfect synergy on the French border

Are you a lover of surfing and adrenaline, but do you also like your little dose of relaxation?

Do not hesitate, and come to one of the most beautiful beaches on the entire French coast!

The Lehena surf school on Hendaye beach offers yoga classes on the beach followed by surf sessions. Mathilde, a yoga teacher, and Julien, a surf teacher, will introduce you to these two disciplines that have a lot in common. Combining these practices allows you to combat fatigue and optimize the benefits for the body. It is the perfect fusion!

SUP Yoga classes in Hendaye

SUP yoga, Stand-Up Paddle in English, is a mix of paddle surfing and yoga that will make you go beyond your mental limits.

It is in the Bidasoa River, one of the longest rivers that flow into the Basque Country, where you can expand your mental limits and practice SUP yoga. Being the natural border that separates the border city of Irún with Hendaye, it will be the perfect setting to practice this new modality of this ancestral practice.

Chingudi Bay is recognized as a Ramsar space. These spaces are designated wetlands of international importance that are part of an environmental and intergovernmental treaty established in 1971 by UNESCO. Therefore, in addition to enjoying considerable protection, this area is a place where many species of birds create their nests and where its ecological value means that we can enjoy SUP yoga surrounded by different species of birds that roam freely. . Discover and perfect the basic techniques of yoga at the “SUP Dream School” in Hendaye