Prenatal Kundalini: The initiation to tranquility from the womb.

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Prenatal Kundalini: The initiation to tranquility from the womb.

Our whole life from the beginning has as its objective the encounter with happiness .

In our different stages we can obtain it in various ways: the toy we wanted as children, the company of our family, the unconditional friendships of youth or professional fulfillment in adult life.

Many find happiness in creating a family with the partner they want, economic tranquility or the success of their children. Happiness is a beautiful state that is achieved when there is momentarily no tension, and it is flooded with peace and tranquility, harmony is enjoyed and better yet, it is shared.

Kundalini yoga itself helps us find the state of happiness through integral balance . When applied during pregnancy , it fills the environment with balance, and initiates the baby to internalize the state of peace and harmony that she needs, making this a normal and natural state for him since before birth.

Sharing exercise routines: develop the beautiful mother-baby bond.

The important and unbreakable bond that is created with the practice of yoga must also be recognized. It is not only the baby that you carry inside developing in you, it is a being of light, clean and authentic that listens, feels and above all perceives every movement and reaction of the mother. Through yoga exercises, the mother can share dialogues with her baby, explaining her every movement and sensation. The baby perceives everything and with practice she will associate each posture with the sensation, in addition to the name of the placement and other things and recommendations, such as: “don’t move, stay still and take a deep breath…”

Your internal clock memorizes schedule and routine.

When you allocate specific times every day, your internal clock will tick over time. The new practitioner can be perceived as demanding their daily routine, which helps to develop an orderly and organized personality. Keeping a schedule also helps to create people who are patient and punctual in their actions, for example, you will know that after class you can have a snack, it is time to go home or that you will see dad.

Stimulate the artist in you.

Yoga exercises awaken the senses, and it is much more stimulating if the routines are accompanied by piano music, birds, violin or others. The awakening and development of his hearing is much better achieved when he has access to different types of sounds in addition to developing rhythm, so don’t be surprised if over the years you notice that he has an interest in musical instruments or dance!

And not only the ear develops much better: there are a wide variety of aromas in incense that you can try to stimulate your sense of smell, but you must be careful to use it in very ventilated spaces to avoid excessive inhalation of smoke. If you do not have a sufficiently ventilated space, you can opt for essential oil diffusers or light a scented candle, which also work very well.

Early meditation: a time to focus on the inside rather than the outside.

There is a moment of the session that is dedicated to meditation. When you are pregnant, your attention should be focused, in addition to deep breathing, to awareness of the spine and body. One of the many beautiful ways to meditate during pregnancy is visualization: breathe deeply and visualize your body, in whatever position it is, full of light, the radiant spine, the baby as a beautiful and brilliant source of light and warmth. , straight spine and deep breathing.

Visualize the long and straight spine, without obstructions in which the internal energy of your body circulates fluidly, connecting with the bright and pure energy of the baby, breathing deeply, exhaling slowly through the nose… Pay special attention to each movement and reaction of the baby, and treasure them as a silent private conversation between the two of you.

Conscious relaxation: after activity, comes calm.

At the end of the routine, setting aside a moment for conscious relaxation is highly recommended. It can be led by another person, or it can be a time for personal silence. In conscious relaxation, attention is focused solely on the breath, the muscles are totally deactivated and rest, and the weight of the body is released to the ground with each exhalation; there is no resistance, there is only calm, tranquility and rest, deep and conscious. This moment can be from three to ten minutes maximum.

If you practiced yoga before, you will know some exercises and postures that will help you, but the best thing, whether you are a beginner or advanced, is that you always be guided by an instructor specialized in prenatal yoga, who will help you and correct you in each placement and exercise, in addition to indicating and guiding relaxations and meditations in the best way. Let him know all your discomforts, such as knee injuries or sleeping problems, and above all, always consult your doctor about his opinion on whether you can practice yoga and how often.

There is nothing better when you are a mother than sharing unique moments with your children, even if it is before they are born! Until our next delivery and have a bright day