Mindfulness and meditation to improve personal well-being

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Mindfulness and meditation to improve personal well-being

Mindfulness is a practice of paying full attention to the present moment. It doesn’t matter if what is happening to you at that moment is good or bad, you have to have the will to face it, look at it, accept it and that way you can move forward.

Do not confuse the situation of being focused on the present moment, but from time to time your mind escapes to the past or the future because, in this case, you would be only in a part of the present. It is difficult to achieve full attention because for mindfulness to have an effect on your well-being, you need training and leaving yourself in the hands of instructors, so if you want to get started in this discipline it is advisable to do so with a  professional mindfulness and meditation treatment . It is about learning to relate to what is happening to you directly, facing each thing that happens to you.

Why is it important to focus on the present?

Mindfulness helps to restore internal balance because you pay 100% attention to all personal aspects: body, mind and spirit. This will help you to be more focused when you are doing a normal task in your life, which will improve your productivity. When in your day to day you do not pay attention to what you are doing because your mind is preoccupied with something from the past or the future, it will lead you to neglect what you do and forget things, reacting automatically and without thinking about what What do you do.

Mindfulness is not immediate. It is a training of the mind to achieve that state of well-being, so if you decide to start practicing it, you have to be aware that it will be to change something in your life forever. Through mindfulness you practice full attention, which helps you develop the ability to see things more clearly, as well as to be more compassionate. It is not an easy task, so if you need someone to guide you, there are many centers that do it.  It is about observing what happens inside you, without punishing or judging yourself because even if you are feeling emotions that make you uncomfortable, you have the right to feel them. Do not exclude them by trying to think of something else because they are yours and they are part of you.

mindfulness and stress

The practice of mindfulness is a remedy for stress and anxiety. By being in the present moment, you eliminate obsessive thoughts such as “why did I do this or that” or “what will happen if…”. These are questions that get looped in your head and you can’t answer them. They are also not under your control. Mindfulness is a combination of relaxation and meditation. The concept was introduced by Jon Kabat-Zinn with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčimplementing an emotional support and stress management technique.

Stress is generated, in large part, by the sensory overstimulation that you receive during the day, leading to mental collapse. That is why you have to stop, silence the mind and let it rest. And the practice of mindfulness is a way to heal your brain and achieve inner balance.