Leadership: Less show more soul. Especially for Women.

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Leadership: Less show more soul. Especially for Women.

A good leader is someone who doesn’t necessarily stand out for doing great things but motivates others to do them. He possesses a flexible mind, being able to adapt to any person or situation; inspiring others and making them believe in themselves.

To begin with, I would prefer that we change from the word leader to that of guide. I feel more comfortable with that term. The word leader appears with both positive and negative connotations in our minds, while a guide is perceived as someone who is stimulating, trustworthy and produces a positive impact.

I have always liked to share my knowledge, my fears, my limitations, my dreams, my discoveries… I started doing it. Social networks offered me the possibility of reaching any corner of the planet.

I thought that if this way of life helped me, and those around me too, why not reach more people through other channels. Everyone has someone on their social networks that they don’t know and follow because what they do inspires them.

When I started my latest project, Nita’s Kingdom, I didn’t think about how many people would follow me or if I would become a reference, I started because I thought I had something to offer the world without limits or expectations.

However, without realizing it, I became a yoga instructor who, by sharing her philosophy, was able to guide people towards a more harmonious and joyful life.

After a few months, I realized that what I was doing had meaning. I didn’t care if there was one or a hundred followers, for me, what was important was the fact that I could help and inspire other beings.

My fans have been grateful, motivated and wanted (still want) more.

There is no one person who particularly inspires me, on the contrary, everyone is a driving force. From my first yoga teacher to my Guru. From that unknown person I meet on the street to my students or followers. If we are humble enough, or work at it, we can learn from everyone, anyone can be an inspiration.

As a public figure you often get compliments and satisfaction from people who cheer you on, though criticism and harsher comments are also part of being exposed. One of my daily concerns is to be totally sure that what I communicate will always be beneficial to those who read it, although the fear of not being up to the task walks by my side at times. I am learning and evolving with each criticism, with each comment.

However, being vulnerable allows you to grow, being more aware and “mindful”. Being transparent, letting others see your strengths and weaknesses brings hope, so that people can really see you and feel that you are attainable.

This hope helps me develop as a Yogi. It’s easy to see it on social media, all the support I get constantly and messages like: “My life has changed thanks to you”, “I’m extremely grateful because I can’t afford to go to a yoga class but I can feel that I’m part of yours, when I sit behind the screen”.

It is worth adding an anecdote that happened to me a few days ago. The owner of a studio told me that students instead of saying “I’m going to Yoga class”, they say “I’m going to Nita”. This is priceless, it is much more than you could ever imagine. It just makes me feel that all my effort, energy and time invested is worth it.

Particularly as a woman I feel special being able to be a reference. Since the majority of “leaders” are men. It is important that women feel supported and that they believe that they also have a place in any part of society.

My purpose in life: to love and be loved. I visualize it as an action of letting the false masks we wear and the heavy load we carry on our backs disappear, vanish little by little, leaving space for everything that we are to enter.

However, it is not enough to say it, write it or read about it, there is no magic.

Your potential is unlimited, and now it’s your turn, transform your knowledge into actions.

Dare to do things you don’t think you’re ready for because you may never be unless you try. Do not be afraid. Make mistakes, get up and learn from them.

There is no exact formula to rise from the ashes and feel prepared, what there is is Your Path.

Choose your tools, build your own life, your own path, your Destiny.

Every day is the only day. The present is the only thing that really matters. Every morning I have a mantra: #Amayoga. This means for me: practice, love yourself and be your essence.

Occasionally it is beneficial to have a “leader”, a guide, someone to learn from and inspire you. Instead, sometimes you just need to look in the mirror and you will see who is the leader: yourself.