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What is mental health and why is it important? Have you ever wondered if you have a good mental health? Let’s find out with us!


What is mental health?

In the present life there are many difficulties that can take place. We are under pressure not only from work, family but also in daily life. So how do we get over it?

Mental health is the ability to control one’s emotions in a positive, optimistic way. Only when the spirit is strong enough can it easily overcome the challenges of life.


Mental health is the ability to control one’s own emotions in a positive, optimistic direction (Internet Photo)

A person with good mental health always sees the beautiful side, a simple solution to a difficult situation. Meanwhile, people with unstable mental health always blame themselves and sink deeply into self-pity, resentment and blame.

What does good mental health look like?

For a person with unstable mental health, they always fall into a state of anxiety, experience pressure every time an event occurs, easily bored, hurt and angry. Meanwhile, good mental health has more optimistic manifestations. That is:

– Often feel peaceful, happy.

– Always be confident in yourself.

– Easily come up with an appropriate solution to a problem

– Feeling in love with life, rarely depressed for a long time

A person with good mental health rarely suffers from anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, social anxiety disorder, etc. They always have a positive state of mind, easy to control. your feelings and behavior

In today’s life, when relationships and environments work not only in the family or a small area, unexpected twists and turns easily happen. However, not every pond can be crossed. Some people gradually realize the importance of mental health. What you need to do now is take care of your mental health.


The sign of good mental health is cheerfulness and optimism. (Internet photo)

What is mental health care?

What is mental health care? These are activities to balance emotions and help the subject find a way to think optimistically in all situations. To be able to achieve such results, you need to maintain healthy living habits and learn how to think positively.

According to psychotherapists, to have good mental health, people need to take care of their physical health and combine the application of psychotherapeutic methods.

Accordingly, what needs to be done is:

– Take care of physical health: You can promote health by adopting healthy living habits such as eating well, regularly exercising gently, and resting in moderation. Having a healthy physical state will help improve your mental state.

– Psychotherapy: Psychologists say that sharing and talking with a specialist can help you release negative emotions and thoughts. However, if you have a loved one with a lot of life experience, try to open up your heart so that they can give you advice to overcome difficulties.

For individuals with severe mental health conditions, psychologists will use more appropriate therapies. At the same time, they may also use some drugs to support the treatment of mental disorders to help their patients feel comfortable during treatment.


Severely unstable mental health

get help and treatment. Internet photos

For individuals who do not need to see a specialist because of only mild signs of instability, psychological self-healing therapies should still be used. It is learning how to strengthen belief in the worth of yourself and those around you, establishing and maintaining social relationships, and trying to control your emotions.

What does mental health care mean?

In Vietnam, the concept of mental health is still unfamiliar to many people. However, in the West, mental health care is still quite familiar.

Up to now, psychologists have listed more than 300 mental disorders with different signs and causes. The most common mental disorders are usually anxiety disorders, depression; post-traumatic stress disorder; schizophrenia…

Mild psychological disorders, if not cared for and treated promptly, will develop into severe forms. At the time when this instability is at its peak, the subject is controlled by negative thoughts, so it is easy to commit acts that are harmful to himself and those around him. Therefore, when recognizing signs of instability, do not hide, but face it to find a way to overcome the difficult period.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you can explain what mental health is and how important it is, none of us can predict what might happen to us in the future. future. Therefore, learn how to build a strong mental wall to withstand any event.