Fitness experts yoga and spinning are physical activities that complement each other naturally

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Fitness experts yoga and spinning are physical activities that complement each other naturally

Combining the intense cardiovascular training that indoor cycling involves with yoga and stretching for mind and body to achieve inner balance may seem antagonistic, but fitness experts say they work, and both activities they complement each other. 

If you are practically a yoga fan, complement it with one of these stationary bikes , but if you also consider yourself a great fan of indoor cycling, practicing yoga will be a phenomenal adjustment to acquire a better muscular balance. 

And it is that some yoga and cycling professionals have already given a name to the combination of both disciplines, it is Yoga Ride, Cycle Yoga or Spin to Ride. Both activities, which are so different in their structure and action on the body, complement each other to improve both physical fitness and flexibility. 

According to the professionals of these disciplines, it is first about turning and then stretching. Cycling is an intense sports practice that can be done, both at home and in gyms or outdoors, where cardiovascular capacity is at stake. This is usually practiced for about 30 minutes, and then change the gear and go on to stretch all the muscles that have been tensed. 

Then, you will have achieved a 60-minute routine, with cardio, flexibility, and muscle strengthening exercises. Ideally, devise a routine that gets your heart rate going during the first part of the workout, then jump into yoga quickly. In this way you will have trained the whole body in an hour. 

To meet the goal of this combined practice, the transition to yoga needs to be quick, so ideally do the cardio work and then move into a yoga pose that is easy. The use of suitable music that motivates you in both parts of the training is essential, therefore, it will be necessary to make a conscientious selection of it. 

On the one hand, you must choose motivating music that allows you to raise your heart rate while you carry out the spinning routine; and on the other, a music whose rhythm allows you to enter into a meditation process, where you can connect body and mind to feel in balance with yourself, with the environment and the universe itself, as dictated by the precepts of yoga, in any of its types. 

Body changes that are experienced with the practice of yoga and spinning

Fitness specialists agree on the wisdom of combining both workouts , complement it with one of these spinning bikes to meet the goals you have set for yourself, as well as to record the best levels of physical performance.

As spinning is unidirectional, the muscles are overloaded and tense, so yoga postures allow them to be relieved, and at the same time, improve strength. A class or combination routine can be perfect for cyclists who may not be familiar with yoga, and at the same time, it can be the best complement for yoga experts who want to give their muscles a little more mobility and tension, really, They are a very effective combination. 

Cyclists who are not very experienced with yoga should know that in order to notice the changes that are desired, it is not necessary to carry out very advanced or difficult positions in the first instance. But if you do spinning constantly, for example about 4 times a week, including at least one yoga class can be ideal and very productive for your training plan. 

Yoga and spinning fit naturally 

With the emphasis on deep relaxation that comes with yoga, it is possible to establish good balance in the body after the exhilarating aerobic exertions experienced with cycling. 

Although an instructor can be the best guide to get started in both disciplines, the guidance that we can get through the different online media can be a good start to get into both practices, in case you are a beginner. So the intention with yoga is to stretch the specific muscles of the lower body, which are the ones we use when we spin, such as the hip flexors, the hamstrings, the calves, and of course, the quadriceps.

It can be said that it is not about combining both activities just for the sake of it, but about focusing on specific areas of the body, so it is considered to be an excellent option to incorporate the benefits of yoga for cyclists, and vice versa. For cyclists, having the benefits of yoga will allow them to focus on flexibility, strengthening their hips and improving their posture, which is so essential to this practice.  

Yogis and cycling

For the most experienced yogis , complementing their practice with cycling will allow them to strengthen their respiratory and cardiovascular conditions in another way. The intention of a good athlete is to remain open to trying different disciplines, and spinning or cycling can be very convenient alternatives and, as we have indicated throughout this article, it is a complementary practice. 

Another benefit of combining or merging both routines is that time envelops you in a sublime way, and you find greater fun and well-being at the end of the day. It is possible that time goes by much faster, even without realizing it. 

In summary, both disciplines have excellent benefits that a good athlete will not want to miss out on. While yoga helps on a mental and spiritual level and to achieve a bodily balance that contains a lot of well-being, the practice of spinning allows you to work your lung and heart capacity and helps to strengthen all the muscles of the lower body. An explosive combination (in the best sense of the expression), which you must try to enjoy with the best results.