Create your ideal room for yoga practice at home

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Create your ideal room for yoga practice at home

We are going to practice yoga at home: we have our clothes ready, our mat or mat, and all the desire to start, but… what is the most recommended thing to practice yoga at home? There are details that you must include in the place that you will assign for this purpose, and here we present them to you so that your practice is the most comfortable and ideal.

The best thing in this sense will always be to choose an outdoor place, such as the beach, park or field; but if you don’t have easy access to these places, look for your garden, terrace or rooms where you can open windows and doors, and allow the air to circulate. Avoid spaces with air conditioning, because in them only the air is recycled and does not allow your body to breathe new oxygen.


Here the most recommended is natural lighting, especially if the practice is carried out during the day. If the room is very dark or at night, illuminate it with dim and relaxing lamps. As is the lighting, so will be the state of mind that you will have; if you practice during the day, yoga with lots of light will awaken your senses and energize you; if you practice at night, dim lighting is best, allowing you to gradually come to rest and relaxation.


Many instructors recommend, if possible, to orient the room and your practice towards where the sun rises. It is known that the star king is a source of heat, light, life and energy; so including this aspect is essential to the practice of yoga, especially if it is done when you start out in the morning. What better way to welcome him than with a Suryanamaskara !

Sounds, noises or silence?

In this sense, you should look for what makes you feel best. As a special recommendation, you can include routines with inspiring music to wake up in the morning, to activate you and lift your spirits; in the afternoons or evenings, relaxing music is the best, because your body and mind are ready for rest and tranquility. The third option is silence: from time to time silence is good, this way you can hear more inside than what is outside. If there are no noises around you, enjoy the silence, and focus on your breathing, heartbeat, or simply on the silence.

You can accompany yourself, if possible, with natural sounds: fountains, birds, waves of the sea or the water falling from a stream. The human begins his life in the water, so this sound is very relaxing.


Take advantage of the natural aromas in the environment, whether you are on the beach, in the countryside or in your garden. Nature provides a thousand and one possibilities of aromas everywhere. The aroma of the countryside, forest, beach or the flowers in your garden is different. Enjoy them and be inspired by them. Cypresses, pines, rosemary…

There are also incenses, scented candles, and diffusers that you can find in many varieties of scents. Choose one with which your senses feel comfortable, and make sure you have good ventilation, so as not to saturate the environment and that the smoke from the incense dissolves well in the air.