Use meditation and mindfulness as techniques for coping with coronavirus

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Hello! What a strange time this is for everyone right!? I hope you are coping with Coronavirus in your neck of the woods well.

Today I am grateful to introduce Ashleigh Page from Finding Happiness. Ash empowers high-achieving women to master their mindset and transform their lives, naturally through Meditation, Holistic Health and ruthless Productivity.

In this post, Ash is sharing with us her meditation story, meditation and mindfulness tips, and an explanation of her 10-day Coronavirus Meditation Video Series designed to help you find calm and relaxation during this crazy time.

Enjoy everyone & thank you, Ashleigh!

Coping with Coronavirus using meditation and mindfulness. Photo in background is of a double exposure of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Photo by Brian McGowan.

Coping with Coronavirus Using Meditation & Mindfulness | Guest Post by Ashleigh Page

Coping with Coronavirus has become a big topic of interest lately.

Most people are feeling its impact all over the globe.

A key problem arising is how one actually copes with all the change, fear, and uncertainty that comes with a pandemic like this.

How does one cope with:
● Losing their job?
● Their business closing down?
● The inability to socialise with others due to isolation?
● The subsequent stress and anxiety?
● The fearmongering news of climbing deaths around the world?

The reality is that there is no one solution. Nor is there a right or wrong way to cope.

Each person will respond to the virus differently depending on their personality, livelihood, background and education.

However, there are some simple and natural techniques to help all of you with coping with Coronavirus. And, they require very little investment to get started.

Two of these useful coping mechanisms are meditation & mindfulness.

Currently, I’m hosting a free 10-day Coronavirus Meditation Video Series on Youtube to show you how to use meditation and mindfulness to relieve stress, stay calm and feel grounded during the global isolation.

Now, let’s kick things off with a simple introduction to meditation and mindfulness and their associated benefits.

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Coping with Coronavirus | The Power of Meditation & Mindfulness

A few years ago, I started my journey with meditation.

It was a practice that took time and patience to master but demanded very little monetary investment to get up and running.

Truth be told, it was my greatest godsend.

Having struggled for numerous years with generalised anxiety and chronic stress, I believed that I would be spending the rest of my life anxious, stressed and burnt-out.

Little did I realise just how much meditation and mindfulness would help me to master my mindset and transform my life.

The Basics of Mindfulness & Meditation

On its own, mindfulness simply relates to focusing your attention on the present and tuning into the sensations of a given activity or moment in time.

There are many different ways you can practice mindfulness. You can also be mindful when in the shower, having a bath, whilst eating, walking, etc.

Meditation involves the practice of focusing one’s mind on a particular object or sensation for a given period of time. It can be practised whilst sitting or lying down, in silence, whilst listening to music or chanting, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation.

Many types of meditation use similar concepts to mindfulness to promote relaxation and focus during the practice.

Both meditation and mindfulness are great natural techniques to help you relax. Especially, when coping with Coronavirus, and the subsequent anxiety and stress that it brings.

If you’d like to learn more about meditation, ensure to check out our FREE 10-day Coronavirus Meditation Video Series.

I’ll talk more about what’s covered in the series below.

Photo by Max van den Oetelaar

The Benefits of Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness are known for their many benefits across the globe including their ability to:

● Relieve stress and anxiety symptoms
● Boost focus, learning and productivity during your day
● Improve sleep and insomnia
● Reduce burn out and the negative impacts of chronic stress on the body
● Promote happiness, improve mood, well-being and inner peace
● Give your body time to recharge
● Improve resilience and patience
● Slow down the ageing of your brain
● Let you observe your thoughts subjectively, gain a greater perspective of yourself and your surroundings
● Become more self-aware and more able to cope with difficult emotions

Many of these benefits have been proven by science and empirical study. That way you know that the time you invest is well worth the return.

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Start Your Journey with Meditation & Mindfulness Today

To get started with meditation, all you need is yourself and a distraction-free and quiet space.

There is very little that you need to have when learning the basics.

As you advance, you can look into other resources such as meditation cushions, yoga mats, lamps, and setting a proper meditation space. But as a beginner, you’re practically good to go with a quiet place to sit with a guided meditation playing on your iPhone or laptop.

The Coronavirus Meditation Series for Beginners |
Helping You Find Relief During the Coronavirus Pandemic

If you’ve been wanting to dip your toes into meditation and mindfulness, this 10-day Coronavirus Meditation Series is a great place to start.

In this meditation series for beginners, I introduce you to the basic concepts of meditation and mindfulness, whilst guiding you through some short meditations to teach you how to meditate successfully from home.

Meditation and mindfulness will help you to find a greater sense of calm, relaxation and sanity during this highly uncertain time. Truly, this is the perfect time to get started.

A lot of us have extra time on our hands due to the isolation and need new ways to keep ourselves occupied, entertained and in good mental health.

And what better idea than to use this as an opportunity to learn a new skill which can improve your mental health and happiness now and in the long run.

The guided meditations in this series will help you to:

● Enjoy a moment of peace in the present moment
● Unwind & relax your body
● Relieve any build up stress and anxiety
● Detach from any past or present concerns
● Detach from all the stress and uncertainty around you

And the great thing with meditation is that if you don’t like it or it’s not for you, there’s very little to lose.

Here are some simple ways you can start your meditation journey for coping with Coronavirus:

1. Read The Finding Happiness Article on the Coronavirus Meditation Series

In this article, I explain the video series in more detail and why meditation is a great life skill to learn.

I have also included the links to all ten videos of the series so you can follow along and start your own meditation practice in your own time, from home.

You can refer back to this article multiple times as you work your way through the 10-day challenge.

2. Subscribe to the Finding Happiness YouTube Channel

The Finding Happiness YouTube channel contains all of the 10-day Coronavirus Meditation Video Series plus many other videos focused on topics relating to holistic health, happiness and productivity.

3. Join the Finding Happiness Facebook Community

In this community, we create a safe space where women and men can come together to learn tips and tricks relating to mastering their mindset and transforming their lives, naturally.

You can also access all ten videos of the Coronavirus Meditation Series from there too.

Join the Finding Happiness community today!

For all of our sakes, I hope that the impacts of the Coronavirus are short-lived. However, in case they’re not, it’s definitely a good idea to equip yourself up with some techniques and exercises that you can do at home to stay happy and healthy.

All the best and happy meditating!

Ashleigh Page
Founder of Finding Happiness