Choose your clothes and mat correctly for yoga practice

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Choose your clothes and mat correctly for yoga practice

Yoga is both a mental and physical exercise. In order for your mind to enjoy all the benefits that yoga has to offer , your body must be properly equipped.

The first accessories you should get when you start doing yoga are clothes and a mat . Both of these things can determine your attitude towards yoga from the beginning, so it is crucial to consider even the smallest detail.



When it comes to yoga clothing, the most important thing to keep in mind is comfort . Clothing should not limit your movements even when doing extreme stretches, twisting or bending.

Also, your yoga clothes should absorb sweat and dry quickly . This is especially important if you practice Bikram or Power Yoga. So avoid synthetic clothes and choose clothes made of cotton, bamboo or hemp. These fabrics breathe and you already know how important breathing is in yoga . Wool or flannel clothes are recommended for winter training.

Tight or loose clothing? Choose skinny pants if you want to see your legs to ensure proper alignment. If you choose loose cotton pants, make sure you can stretch, twist, and curve in them.

When shopping for tops, keep in mind that you should be able to do inverted poses without the clothes falling on your face. It should be short enough not to cover your lower body.

You may not need yoga shoes if you practice yoga indoors, but you will need good shoes if you decide to do yoga outdoors . Look among the best-known brands for those that offer yoga shoes with flexible soles.

yoga mats

Now let’s take a look at the wide variety of yoga mats . They differ in thickness and material.

  • The rubber mats are thin and prevent you from slipping.
  • The double rubber mats are the same, although thicker and more cushioning.
  • Cotton mats are the best option for those sessions, Bikram Yoga, for example, that cause a lot of sweat, as they absorb it and prevent you from slipping. It is recommended to moisten the cotton mats a little before starting the exercises, to obtain a more pleasant sensation