Can you do yoga during pregnancy

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Can you do yoga during pregnancy

I’ve heard of pregnant women doing yoga, but I’m a little scared to try it. Is it safe for my baby to do yoga while pregnant ?

The answer

Yoga is a very beautiful practice for women during the months of pregnancy . Not only does it allow them to stay active, elastic and flexible, but it also helps them stay calm in difficult situations by becoming aware of the importance of breathing in achieving a calm and serene mind. It also helps them share experiences with other women, and all the doubts and insecurities that may arise during pregnancy.

Many women turn to yoga for the first time when they are pregnant , as a way to stay fit and learn to connect with their breath. And it is a very good choice! These yoga classes, special for expectant mothers ( you should always look for a center specialized in this type of session ) emphasize breathing, stretching, relaxation and feeling and enjoying that special connection with the baby.

Some considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Avoid sudden turns and abdominal work . No pressure should be placed on the belly and when turning, in torsion postures, they should always be done in a smooth and controlled manner. 
  2. Do not do forward bending postures , such as paschimottanasana (sitting clamp) to avoid flattening the abdomen. If you already practiced yoga before being pregnant, you can try some more postures, such as performing back extensions (such as the camel posture) may be fine, but if you have never practiced yoga, it is not advisable to do asanas that are too advanced. You can do some standing backbends but always with your legs wide apart and bent.
  3. Avoid types of yoga that work in rooms with high temperatures. A hot room can cause discomfort, dizziness, heat stroke, etc., which can be harmful to the baby. And remember: always stay hydrated! 
  4. Better to start practicing yoga from the second trimester of pregnancy , to avoid any complications. Instead of doing the traditional savasana posture (lying on your back with arms and legs apart) you can choose to lie on your side with your legs slightly bent and even help yourself with the different accessories such as blankets, blocks, cushions, which the instructor will indicate. and that will help you to be much more comfortable. 

Example of a yoga class for pregnant women

Additional Tips

Yoga classes for pregnant women can be summed up as doing what helps you feel better and more comfortable, enjoying this new stage of your life . It is important to inform the yoga teacher of the number of months of pregnancy so that he can advise you and help you much better in the practice of yoga. It is very important to listen carefully to the body and if at any time during the session you feel uncomfortable, get out of the posture and let your instructor help you and indicate other variants