7 Ways to Build a Loyal Audience as a Yoga Teacher

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7 Ways to Build a Loyal Audience as a Yoga Teacher

The term starts and you have some new students attending your classes. It would be great if they continued to attend your classes next week… but why should they? Are you doing the right things to encourage them to deepen their yoga experience?

Here are some ways a yoga teacher can “hook” their students and build a loyal following:

1) Be yourself. Be authentic and start creating your classes from there. You don’t have to do anything new to stand out – we’re all unique, so if you stay true to who you are, you’ll establish your teaching as second nature.

2 ) Prepare classes in advance . Students crave quality – consistency with classes, they want to know that if they are spending their time and money, they are going to have a great class. You must carefully plan a fantastic sequence for each class, focus on one theme and work the class around it.

3) Personal touch . Send thank you cards to new students. This makes them feel special, plus everyone likes to get something in the mail, apart from bills!

4) Names . Remember the names of the students and make use of them. If you manage to remember other details about your students (their work, partner, birthday), they will value it and you will be able to create a loyal bond.

5) Have integrity . Do what you say you will do. If you commit to something with a student, owner of the center, another teacher – keep going. They will remember it and learn to trust that what you say is true. If you need to break your word, talk to the other party as soon as possible to take responsibility and restore integrity.

6 ) Integrate into the community . Visit other yoga centers, take classes from other people, volunteer to help and support where possible. It’s like karma, the good vibes of the community will start flowing back into you and people will be there to support you when you run a new workshop for example.