7 Reasons Why You Need to Do a Yoga Teacher Training

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7 Reasons Why You Need to Do a Yoga Teacher Training

There is always a good reason to learn yoga, but if you want to get to the bottom of this ancient science, then doing a yoga teacher training is a great idea and almost the only way .

And if you also decide to do it in India, you will have the possibility to experience the true scope of yoga and how it is connected to all the aspects involved in leading a balanced and harmonious life. In the Kavaalya courses in India yoga takes on a new dimension.

If you are interested but think that a yoga teacher training is only for flexible people with experience or who want to dedicate themselves to teaching, perhaps those thoughts are just excuses not to take the step.

Think of that magical feeling you have when you do a yoga class with friends, and now multiply it by ten and you will begin to feel what it means to practice intensely with a group of people with the same intention and for 200 hours of study and training. If you still need more reasons why a yoga teacher training is for you, here are seven more :

1- It is a time dedicated to yourself and others

A yoga teacher training is an investment in you , in your physical and mental health. Don’t worry, when you return your responsibilities will be waiting for you but it will be easier for you to manage them.

In addition, the intensity of the yoga course opens a door to that most joyful and vibrant part of you and everyone around you notices it and is inspired.

2- You deepen your practice

In an intensive yoga course you will learn to pay more attention to details, and that in this discipline, as in any other, is what makes the difference between amateur and teacher .

You not only understand the postures, but also how to do the alignments, which parts of your anatomy are involved and the benefits they have on the well-being of those who practice them.

3- You learn that yoga is much more than you thought

In India, yoga is part of a process focused on the well-being of people. That’s why in addition to postures, you will learn principles of meditation, pranayama, ayurveda, philosophy, stress management… and much more.

The purpose of the postures is to align the most subtle parts of the being with the rest of existence or cosmos or whatever we want to call it. The ultimate goal of the “transforming process” that is yoga is the union of the material, the body, and the spiritual, to bring life to its fullest expression.

4- You access a new way of seeing life

Committed and regular practice produces a level of mental clarity (stillness) that translates into awareness and understanding of inner processes that were previously compulsive.

Being happy becomes a choice , it no longer depends on external factors.

5- You develop great stability

Yoga and other meditation and breath control techniques are  tools that are always at your disposal to face all vital situations.

Feeling safe, stable, confident, generous and open becomes the base state from which you manage your relationships with other people and with the environment.

6- You create links for life

The bonds that are created during the yoga teacher course last a lifetime. You belong to a community of people like you who understand you and are there to support you when you need it.

Not only the students, but also the teachers become someone close who is always there so you can ask what you need when you need it.

7- You learn to teach

Something shared by everyone who finishes a yoga teacher training in India is the need to pass on the experience and what you have learned . You are aware of the transformative effect of what you now know and you want others to benefit from it as well.

For this reason, one of the aspects to which attention is paid during the course is the teaching methodology. Knowing how to organize and lead a group of people is essential, and interesting even for those who do not want to be teachers.

Completion of the program qualifies you to receive the RYT200 certificate from Yoga Alliance.