5 styles of yoga that children will love

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5 styles of yoga that children will love

The exploration and knowledge of your own body is only part of what can be achieved with the practice of yoga in childhood. There are many paths on the yoga path, and each of them offers significant benefits for children. Here are some of the most well-known paths of yoga, its benefits, and good reasons why children should practice it:

Kundalini yoga: yoga-energy.

A very spiritual path, of physical as well as mental learning. This path is of great help in developing attention and focus. With Kundalini yoga you can work on concentration and direct the child towards tranquility and self-control, self-esteem and sensitivity , without leaving aside, through body postures, physical work and the fun of maintaining or achieving asanas to increase the child’s ability through play. Breathing exercises are essential in this form of yoga.

acro yoga

This is one of the newer forms, developed to achieve complex placements, and is generally practiced together with another person, that is, as a couple. In this way, the father or mother could practice it together with the child. It is about body postures and fluid movements, through acrobatics, in which the important thing is the connection and body communication between the two people to achieve placement. Flexibility, balance and coordination are developed. You also learn to maintain postures that require muscle strength and deep, controlled breathing. It is a highly recommended way to practice as a family, especially between siblings, as it creates a significant bond.


This path is one of the most physical in yoga, not only because of the asanas themselves or the psychophysical gymnastics, but also because of the awareness of the placement of the body and the breath. This path is known as “Yoga for health” because it focuses on physical well-being but without omitting the inner benefit. It can be aimed at children 6 years of age and older, because in addition to the fun in body postures, they can be taught to know the muscles, joints and bone system, such as the spine. It is also highly recommended when looking for rehabilitation after minor injuries, as long as you see a specialist first who confirms the possibility of practicing yoga to improve your health.


This trail in particular is very focused on hyperactive or anxious children. It is a path of high energy and physical activation, so a session of these at the end of the day will send the children to the shower, dinner and bed. This path dictates body postures and very dynamic exercises, which offers boys and girls a lot of fun and exercise, leading them to get their full potential in strengthening their joints and muscles. Known as “Power Yoga”, this form of yoga develops deep muscles, strengthens and flexes the muscles and improves the entire immune system as well as circulation. This path is characterized by dynamism and strength , two very attractive elements in children.


This path is very special, as it teaches the coordination of movement with breathing, showing the child that everything in the universe is in constant flux. Vinyasa teaching focuses on breathing and movement, inhalation and exhalation, lengthening and shrinking, stretching and flexing… all this teaches the child to move to the rhythm of the universe. When you do exercises in combination with fluid and constant breathing, you develop, in addition to the strength and flexibility of muscles and joints, your entire respiratory system: the capacity and optimization of oxygen absorption in the body. It is known for a fact that the body needs more oxygen during physical activity than when it is at rest, and the whole body receives better oxygenation if you breathe deeper and more consciously, in addition to improving circulation and blood pressure. It is a complete benefit.

You should always keep in mind that to start a child on this wonderful path, you have to find the right path, in which the child feels comfortable and enjoys yoga. You should also consult with your pediatrician if it is recommended, as well as contraindications such as recent surgeries or injuries. Qualified expert instructors should also always be sought for the development of these classes.

When we talk about children, you must have a lot of imagination, so you should not be afraid to combine the unlimited benefits of yoga paths with games, creative dance, stories , and of course, join us too in this children’s fun.