5 Good reasons why your children should practice Yoga

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5 Good reasons why your children should practice Yoga

More and more schools are including the practice of yoga for children in their extracurricular activities.

In some cities in Spain, such as Barcelona, ​​yoga is part of the study program as one more subject along with language or mathematics, since they have been able to verify that yoga increases the concentration of children in classes, even improving notes and behavior.

But what benefits does practicing yoga have for a child?

1. Improves your health by increasing flexibility, elasticity, strength and balance.

Through simple stretches and asanas (yoga exercises) a strong and healthy body is achieved, the glands and internal organs are stimulated, favoring their functioning, the muscles are relaxed, stretched and strengthened.

2. Acquire good body posture.

Becoming aware of your own body. A stronger spine, a correct posture that reduces deviations and back pain.

3. Eliminates anxiety, stress, calms emotions and helps to relax.

With simple breathing and relaxation exercises, the nervous system is toned and the mind is calmed. The calmer and more regular the breathing, the greater a state of calm and tranquility is achieved.

4. Increases confidence, concentration, self-esteem and optimism.

Working through relaxation techniques, visualizations and small meditations.

5. Develops creativity, imagination, values ​​of friendship, companionship and respect.

Through games, stories, songs, crafts, the child finds in yoga a place to grow, to be free, to enjoy, laugh, dream, share…

Yoga can be as much fun as a game for children . This ancient discipline teaches children to find the balance between body and mind. The  asanas or yoga postures  are inspired by the elements of nature: animals, plants, forms, which allow those who practice them to come into contact with their own body and with nature itself, creating a bond, a union, love and respect. for the environment and the people.