10 Reasons to start your Yoga self-practice

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10 Reasons to start your Yoga self-practice

Many of the people I know talk about the difficulty of practicing autonomously, in this case I focus on Yoga but it also happens with any activity.

The arguments are various but can be summarized as: laziness, lack of time, lack of discipline, external motivation, fear of injury.

(Feel free to comment on your reason if it’s not among those listed, or even if it is.)

My daily self-practice is Ashtanga Yoga , which follows the same series daily and that makes it tremendously challenging for the mind. And although the practice is “the same” it always feels different, reflecting in your life, off the mat. Evolving in all aspects.

The reasons I offer below are valid for any type of Yoga you want to practice.

Prepared? After reading it you will not be able to find excuses 😉

  1. It is an opportunity to observe and listen to your body in a deeper way.

When we are in a guided class we let ourselves be carried away by what the teacher advises or says most of the time, which is great. However, it can generate a lack of connection with our body. We forget if we can go deeper or if not. Whether our body is complaining or we can go further than we think. listen to you Yes, your inner self also has a voice.

  1. Connect with your rhythm and breathing.

Practicing can only surprise you. Perhaps your breathing is longer and deeper, or you suddenly find yourself speeding up and need to slow down. In any case, it is an opportunity to explore and find the balance between each asana and its consequent breathing. You can spend more time in a posture if you wish.

Of course, do not cheat your body … do not go too fast. It is better to perform fewer postures but spend at least five breaths in each of them.

  1. Helps you overcome your fears

How many times have you stopped doing a pose for fear of making a fool of yourself, of not doing it correctly, of falling or because of the stress of the time they dedicate to that pose that for you would require much more dedication?

This is your practice.

Do as you please, as long as you please!

That you fall, then you get up and laugh at yourself, which is very healthy. Try again as many times as you need or want, but don’t get frustrated either. As always, if that day that posture does not work out for you, do not get confused in it, continue with your practice. Maybe it is not the day or maybe your body is not yet ready to do it.

  1. Increase creativity and knowledge of your own body.

Maybe you decide to try something new that you have never tried before. You can always use tutorials on youtube that can help you.

You may be surprised at what positions you thought impossible you are able to do and feel good in them.

  1. Increase your flexibility in every way: physical and mental

Look for the time and find it. It doesn’t matter if one day is 20 minutes and another is an hour. Don’t feel bad about it. But be as consistent as possible. Maybe you prefer to practice in the mornings but one day you couldn’t. Well, practice in the afternoon. It’s not the end of the world.

It is better to practice less than not to practice at all.

  1. Build discipline, dedication and love towards oneself

Discipline in these cases is not bad at all.

The dedication and love towards us is something that we often lack with the accelerated pace of life that we lead. Sit down, breathe and spend your time, only yours. Do not let anything: work, family, friends, obligations bother you in that time for you. Be self-centered for those few minutes. Being one can bring you the ability to be better with yourself and also with others.

If you don’t love yourself how can others possibly?

  1. makes you independent

We are so used to going to guided classes sometimes that we get incredibly lazy just thinking about our mat. Remember that you are the only one responsible for what happens in your body and mind. Why be subject to and be dependent on a teacher, study or any other factor? Break free. You can do it like anyone else.

Repeat yourself as many times as you need: I can and I want to .

  1. It’s economic

It’s so cheap there are no excuses. The only investment you have to make is the purchase of a decent mat =).

You can still go to your studio/teacher a few times a week but don’t forget that self-practice is not just about saving money but about investing in your Self, an investment for a lifetime.

  1. You can do it anywhere

Don’t tell me this isn’t an excellent reason?
At home, in the country, on the beach, on vacation. Anywhere! I practice everywhere, in unimaginable places, with reason that there are people who say that this is rare! One of my favorite places is the airport, where I spend many hours throughout the year and there is no better way to spend them than on my body and soul.

  1. You will be healthier, you will be in much better physical condition and emotionally balanced.

Little to add, they are all proven facts.

Do not avoid postures that you do not like, those are probably the ones that you need the most or as necessary as others.

That is precisely why I like Ashtanga because it is a series in which nothing is left out. What do you like more or what do you like less? In addition, it includes push-ups forward, backward, sides and balance with the hands.