The benefits of Yoga for health

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The benefits of Yoga for health

This challenge is 10 days because the number of days seems “easy”, and my intention is that people who do not do any type of physical activity move, those who do yoga but not as often as they would like have no excuse, and for those who have a daily practice, then offer them something new and save them the effort of looking for what to do every day.

For those who are not looking for anything spiritual, or even peace of mind, this challenge is also for you, since the inner energy that you create during the practice that individual depth, will come by itself, especially with an appropriate discipline.

In this challenge we will especially work the entire torso area: cervical, dorsal, lumbar, pelvis and hip assisted with the strengthening of the abdominal area.

One of the advantages that you get with the practice of Yoga is also strong abdominal muscles, meaning a strong and healthy body along with a clear and calm mind.

During this process remember that it is not only about this physical journey but also ask yourself what does it represent internally?

Do not be scared, if you do not have an answer, it is the most normal. You may find the answer during practice or you may find another question, but the important thing is that you find yourself. That during your practice there is a connection between you and the universe, and that you feel that this moment is yours and no one else’s. That you have every right to moments for yourself, to cultivate and grow.

Let those strengthened muscles turn into a strong and steady mind, allowing you to be a happier and more harmonious person.

By creating solidity in your practice you create solidity in your life, developing the ability to take care of yourself, to be able to face the world by yourself.

We use the body to enter our mind, spirit or whatever you want to call it.

To overcome fears. Every time I balance on my hands, or flex my back examining how far I can go at that precise moment, I am overcoming, observing a fear, I am balancing my mind, I am looking for the LIGHT in the dark.

More than a physical challenge, it is a mental challenge.

As always, take care of yourself and rest when you need it. If you happen to miss a day, simply go back to the last day you missed, and continue with your own schedule.

I recommend doing five days, resting two, and continuing with the other five.

Be kind to your body, thanks for sharing this experience with me. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.